Sprayfun is Eco-conscious

Sprayfun raw materials are natural and / or recycled and locally sourced.

The textile paint is water based and eco-friendly, classified Oeko tex standard 1 : PVC, Phtalates, toxic chemicals, solvent and heavy metals free. Sprayfun packaging is made of 100% recycled paper.

All products are made by hand in the studio or outsourced locally.




Sprayfun est éco-conscient
Tous les matériaux Sprayfun sont naturels et / ou recyclés et choisis localement. La peinture textile est éco-friendly, classée Oeko tex standard 1 : Sans PVC, Phtalates, produits chimiques toxiques, solvants, métaux lourds. Le packaging est entièrement réalisé en papier recyclé.Toutes les créations sont faites main dans le studio ou fabriquées localement.


“Her work is fluid, oversized and above all organic. With each garment being impeccably made by Claire’s eco-conscious hand. Perhaps the biggest shock of all is that she has achieved all this through the technique of spraying paint, a notoriously chemical based process that she has ecologically reinvented. Sprayfun is a label with countless paradoxes and boundless amounts of color.”


Connor ArnoldTonic Magazine



Hello, I am Claire,

I finished my studies at the design school, Duperré, in Paris in 2007. I then moved to Antwerp to study under Walter Van Bierendonck at The Royal Fashion Academy of Fine Arts where I graduated in 2011. Sprayfun was naturally born after my studies and hosts all my creative works since.




Bonjour, je suis Claire,

j’ai terminé mon BTS design de mode à Duperré en 2007. J’ai ensuite intégré l’Académie D’Anvers où j’ai étudié sous la direction de Walter Van Beirendonck en 2011. Sprayfun est né naturellement après cette période et rassemble depuis mes créations.